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Amalia Issa

Invited Scholar

Amalia M. Issa is an internationally renowned scientist in the field of personalized genomic medicine (precision medicine). Dr. Issa was one of the first scientists to develop a unique area of translational research focused on precision medicine applications, and how they will be translated and integrated into clinical practice and health systems. She undertook some of the earliest studies of the societal and policy implications of pharmacogenomics, and continues to be engaged in leading a multidisciplinary collaborative effort to investigate and address important questions to build and develop the science of personalized genomic healthcare delivery. Dr. Issa founded the Personalized Medicine & Targeted TherapeuticsTM Center in 2001, as one of the very first centers focused on pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. The mission of the center is to develop the evidence base for, inform decision-making about and accelerate knowledge translation of personalized medicine applications into meaningful health outcomes. She is also currently a Full Professor at the University of the Health Sciences in Health Policy and Public Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Issa holds leadership positions in several professional associations and national and international scientific advisory committees, and has received many awards and honours for her work. She is excited to be collaborating on several projects of mutual interest at the CGP, as well as with the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health.